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Meet Michel


I bring to the table all of my training, years of deep inner work, and the sum of all of my experiences to use as a Guide.

I have either experienced significant improvements or completely healed from the following:

  • Suicide of a child

  • Lost both parents

  • Multiple Sclerosis (2 years)

  • Degenerative spine disease

  • Feeling worthless 

  • Feeling unloveable

  • Meth Addiction (16 yrs ago)

  • Homelessness (for 4 yrs)

  • 2 divorces

  • Financial difficulties

  • Serving jail time

  • Suicidal Ideation

  • The sense of being lost

  • Disabled Veteran


I seek to relieve suffering in all of its forms.

I facilitate healing by guiding the client to take a compassionate look into their inner world. This addresses the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual priorities of the client. I also provide a fun, supportive, and trust-based relationship with my clients. 

You are seen as healthy, whole, and complete.

This facilitates healing in and of itself.

There is a focus on the client's long-term inner healing rather than putting a band-aid on short-term symptoms.

The goal is to guide the client back to the knowingness that lies Within. To the knowingness that you hold the key to your own inner freedom.

"It takes an act of great Courage to journey into the depths of the mind.

Courage that we all have.

We just need to tap into it.

And when we arrive, what we find is a scared child who thinks it's still battling ghosts and monsters that are y e a r s long gone.

This is where the healing begins."

  • Sexual & Physical abuse

  • Rape

  • Complex PTSD

The only difference between me and anyone else is that I never gave up.

  • Insomnia 

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