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A Beautiful conversation on "The Unleashing Potentials Podcast" with Bernadette Desir.

"I'm Michel. I currently live just outside of Asheville, North Carolina where I run my home-based business as a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, Internal Family Systems Practitioner.

I am a mother of 3 and the wife of the most beautiful man.

My life started pretty chaotic. I was a tortured soul for most of my life. I carried around the trauma of sexual & physical abuse which attracted more of the same for a long time. 

I tried to hide from the darkness which eventually led me into a few years of professional drug addiction. 

The death of my mother to cancer, really started to open my eyes to what unconscious guilt can do to the human experience and then when my first born committed suicide, my life became a landslide. Yet these 2 extraordinary experiences were the catalyst for my healing.

And as I healed, I was able to cultivate the tools I needed to bring my gifts and dreams into reality. 

It wasn't easy.

I just never gave up.

And now I successfully facilitate healing for others as I continue to heal and grow alongside each of my clients".

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